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Steering and Suspensions ​

With the exception of some hybrids and electric vehicles, most cars utilize a hydraulic steering system, facilitating smooth and effortless turns for the driver.

The power steering system comprises various components, including a rack and pinion assembly with in and out tie rod ends connected to the front wheels. A piston inside the rack and pinion moves with pressurized fluid from the power steering pump, aiding in turning the wheels. The system also includes a reservoir containing the liquid, mounted on the pump or installed at a distance for convenient access. Insufficient liquid can make steering more difficult and potentially damage both the pump and the rack.

Regularly checking power steering fluid levels and adding as needed is crucial to maintaining optimal functionality. At our workshop, you’ll receive professional assistance in identifying and rectifying faults in your vehicle’s hydraulic system. Contact us for comprehensive service and ensure the smooth operation of your steering and suspensions.